This Short Jump Rope Sequence Really Got On My Nerves

Today, I tried a simple jump rope sequence with crossovers. It’s the only trick that I’m currently good at so I had no other choice but to play around with it.

So I don’t get bored while jumping and doing the same trick, I tried to come up with a “sequence” that starts with a regular boxer’s skip, then adding crossovers, and then switching to high-knees crossovers.

Here’s the video:

Well, I was able to pull it off- But it wasn’t easy. This simple sequence really tested my patience. In this video, I only shared “just a few” of those pissed off moments.

Funny, right? I decided to share it so I can show you how frustrating it can be to do something over and over and fail over and over. But again, it was all worth it, as you can see what happened at the last part of the video.

I switched back to regular jumps after the rope hit my right leg so I can continue jumping, then I managed to do a little footwork. And of course, it all gets ruined by the failed double-under…

I jumped for about 40 minutes today as a post-workout cardio and my arms were a bit sore because of that. I could feel my shoulders and triceps getting tired whenever I’d do the crossovers, as well as the double-unders, then I’d end up tripping on the rope shortly after.

Relax, breathe, and then go again.

As much as I’d like to blame the rope for those fail moments, it’s actually my fault. When I get mad at the rope for hitting my feet or getting tangled, I’d just jump again without even taking a second to breathe- like you’ve seen at around 31 seconds in the video above. As a result, the rope just hit my foot again.

(Wow, I actually just realized that, too, after seeing this video.)

The lesson? Relax. Don’t let it get on your nerves. It only gets worse if you do. This video only proves that. Jumping rope is supposed to be fun. The more you relax, the easier it gets.

Anyhow, great workout this afternoon.

Progress With Crossovers

Oooh boy… After posting four blogs, I just disappeared, huh? Sorry about that.

Well, that doesn’t mean I’ve completely stopped what I’m doing. I’ve just been a bit busy on some things. And I’m still struggling to have an “organized” daily tasks or goals.

Anyway, it’s been over a month since my last update. Here’s how my jump rope journey is going so far.

So I’ve managed to improve my crossover and learned the High-knees Crossover trick. And as you can see, I can still only do one double-under at a time. I could do two at a time but very seldom. That trick really gives me headaches.

Just to add a little fun, I tried to do a “360” jump.

Alright, I know that was a very disappointing 360. Not the advanced 360 jump that you probably thought of. I haven’t even mastered DU’s yet. What do you expect?

I’d like to share more but that’s about all I’ve got at the moment. Would you agree that there’s been a lot of progress since my last post?

Let’s see if I could improve my double-unders. I sure hope so.

Crossover Trick Done!

The “Crossover” may have been the most challenging and literally painful trick that I’ve learned. But it was totally worth it because I’ve finally perfected the move. Well, maybe not totally perfect, but I’ve already learned how to properly execute the trick.

In this video, you can see my progress (and agony) as I skipped through the failures while attempting to do crossovers until I’ve finally managed to do a few consecutively.

Don’t mind the voice in the background. That’s just my kid goofing around. 🙂

Did you see the frustration on my face? Especially on the first part when I took a long preparation only to trip in right during my attempt to cross my arms.

Before this video, I’ve already done crossovers properly for a few times. That’s why I was so pissed when I kept failing again the moment I started recording.

But before that, I also whipped myself several times, including on the back of my head and neck which was the most solid whip. Ouch!

So how did I manage to do it?

Well, after a series of mistakes and whips on different parts of my body, eventually I figured out what I was doing wrong. It was a simple movement of the wrist that I thought I was already doing correctly.

How do you do it correctly?

First, imagine the infinity symbol. You know, like the number 8 but sideways. You simply need to move your wrists in that motion as you cross and uncross your arms. Take note: Only your wrists should be doing that motion and not including your forearms. Your forearms should just be going inward and outward.

And just like the double-unders, you have to put a little more power when you rotate your wrist in order to keep the “arch” of the rope and not get tangled as you execute the crossovers.

If you didn’t understand my explanation, I don’t blame you. I’m not sure myself if I explained that properly. You know what? Watch this video instead. It will show you the important things you need to know if you’re trying to learn the crossover trick. Good luck!

3 Months With The Ropes: Overcoming Your Frustration

How would you feel if you’ve been practicing almost every single day and don’t feel any improvement? Would you be frustrated? Maybe.

I kinda feel the same after doing some tricks with my ropes and it feels like I’m just getting worse and worse everytime I’d do something. Like, I’d be able to do crossovers and double-unders one day, and then I couldn’t do it at all the next day. I’d be doing an amazing footwork one day, and then keep tripping on the rope the day after.

What the hell is going on? Was I able to do all that just because of pure luck?

Progress Takes Time

Whenever I’d get so pissed off of these failures, I’d take a deep breath and remind myself, “What are you getting so mad for? It’s only been three months, dumbass.”

Jumping rope is a skill. At least, that’s how I see it. It’s not simply about jumping up and down and skipping the rope that goes under your feet and over your head. It takes great mind and body coordination which also improves over time, along with your lungs and muscles. That’s why it’s an amazing exercise.

Don’t Feel Discouraged. Instead, Keep Going.

I could try to find some other words similar to “frustrating” just so I wouldn’t have to keep using the same word over and over. But I realized that you’re really gonna get frustrated a lot when you’re just starting to learn the rope.

It will feel like it gets harder and harder each day instead of the other way around. Well, that’s true. But not exactly.

As I watched my previous videos, I discovered something. I have actually changed- or should I say improved- the way I jump rope. I feel my arms are more relaxed now. I don’t feel and look too stiff like when I did when I had just started jumping.

When I first started jumping rope, all I could do was basic jumps. Then I learned the side swing, to boxer’s skip, to run-in-place, to single-leg jump, to crossover, and then double-under. During the first couple of weeks, I couldn’t even switch my feet to do the boxer’s skip, and running in place felt like the most difficult jump rope trick ever.

Those are the tricks that I was able to learn just in the span of three months. But they all still need a lot of work, obviously. I realized that the reason why I feel like the rope gets harder and harder for me to learn it because after I got bored with basic jumps, I’ve started exploring a lot of different techniques.

When things get tough in your jump rope journey, the key is to simply go back to basics. Don’t rush. Be patient. While it is exciting to do lots of different tricks with the rope, there’s one basic technique that is more important to improve- footwork. The more comfortable you are with your footwork, the easier you’ll be able to execute the tricks and make them look so effortless to do.

For my next session, I’ll spend more, and I mean A LOT MORE time on my footwork. It can feel boring when you’re not doing any tricks while jumping rope, but it’s aggravating when you don’t know how to do the proper execution of the trick. It’s a lot more fun to jump for longer periods than to constantly trip on the rope because you keep failing to do the fancy tricks.

Self advise (you take this advise, too, if you’re also a beginner with jump rope): Be PATIENT. Just because all you do with a jump rope is jump and spin the rope doesn’t mean it’s a simple and easy exercise. I thought so, too.

It takes a lot of jumps, a lot of patience, a lot of stamina, and a lot of frustrations before you can improve. Also, expect to whip yourself a lot of times. Hitting yourself with the rope isn’t that painful (maybe just a little, and then a little more) and it can really piss you off. But don’t let it get on your nerves. It’s normal. No pain, no gain!

Another advise: Maybe focus on one trick at a time. You can’t do everything at once. It’s just gonna piss you off even more. Why the hell can’t I do anything right!? Just try one trick for a few times, and then focus more on footwork.

I learned crossover first before I did double-unders, but I feel like I’ll be focusing more on the latter since the crossover trick is making me lose a lot of patience. We’ll see how it goes after a month.

Making Small Progress Everyday

Before I started using jump rope just last year, I actually had a little experience with it back in college. My father bought me a rubber jump rope. Back then, the only knowledge I had of jump rope is simply jumping while it rotates around your body.

I had no idea what type of jump rope should be used for outdoors. I didn’t even know there were many different types of ropes that existed. All I knew was that I had a jump rope that I could use after running. It never even came to me that jumping rope on a rough cement was a bad idea.

I’m talking about this kind of rough cement.

I mean, it was obvious. I knew the rope would get damaged but I had to learn it the hard way before I understand.

Needless to say, my rubber jump rope didn’t last too long before it snapped. But before that happened, I was also too frustrated already because it kept hitting my feet, probably because the rubber rope was dragging too much on the ground, and it also keeps tangling.

I just said, “Screw this. Maybe this is not for me.” and moved on. I regret that decision now.

Now, I already know what type of jump rope I should be using. Of course, the PVC ropes are still getting scratched, but they have more tolerance with the cement floor. And thanks to the internet- specifically Youtube- I now have access to a lot of information about jump ropes.

Here are the, uh.. “progress” that I’ve made so far.

The Basics

Starting with the basics, of course. Maybe because of my little past experience with it, I easily learned how to get my rhythm and proper form, although I still look like I’m trying too hard when I jump.

Though it would seem that I’ve already gotten my rhythm and my jump rope perfectly adjusted, for some reason it felt different on the following days. The ropes kept hitting my feet. I don’t know what I was doing differently. But I just continued on and kept watching tutorials on Youtube (maybe I’ll talk about the videos on my later posts).

A couple weeks later, I learned my first simple trick.
NOTE: You might wanna turn the volume down a little before playing the next video.

A Trick I Learned From The Movie “Southpaw

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New skill acquired.😂

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Since this was the first time I was able to do a trick instead of just basic jumps, I felt so proud of myself that I wanted to make the video a little dramatic by adding background music and a little slo-mo. But I didn’t actually like my movements here. I don’t know, but those side swipes look like I’m swinging too hard. Gotta work on that and make it look more effortless.

How do you make your tricks look more effortless?

Learn More Footwork

A couple more weeks later, I learned the “Boxer’s skip”.

That footwork looks really lousy, doesn’t it? I thought it’d be easy when I saw the tutorials. When I tried it, I often tripped on the rope whenever I’d switch from one foot to the other when doing the boxer’s skip. I was also just starting to learn the high-knees footwork here. You could see my failed attempt at the end.

By the last day of year 2019, I was finally able to do the high-knees footwork. Plus another cool trick!
NOTE: Another loud background music. Mind your volume!

The Cross-o-vah!

The high-knees technique is a really good exercise. It pushes you to go faster and puts extra work on your upper body muscles.

Although my crossovers looked really smooth here, what you saw on the video was like 90% luck and 10% skill. I haven’t been able to do three or more straight crossovers again. And again, I don’t know why.


The most difficult trick I’ve learned so far is the “Double-Under”.

Okay, so this actually reminded me of that one PE class during high school. That would actually be the very first time I’ve held a jump rope, but I don’t really remember it anymore. I just remember my classmates trying the double-under and failing. And no, I’ve never done this before. This is the first time I’ve ever tried doing DUs and it was the most exciting trick I’ve learned so far.

But on the following days, same with the crossovers, I couldn’t do double-unders again. I’d do it once, but then fail on the next attempt. It’s really frustrating but it’s the most exciting trick I’ve learned so far. I’m just getting started and there’s a lot of improvements to make, but I feel like I’ve already achieved something big just by being able to do it.

That means there’s a lot more challenges to face and things to learn. And I’m excited achieve all of them.

I Jumped Rope to Burn Fat, But It Did More Than That (Repost)

This was originally posted on my other blog. I’d like to share it here because this is about the day that I started jumping rope.

I’m feeling upbeat today. I didn’t know why at first, but I think it’s because of what I did this morning. After waking up at around 6 AM and going to the bathroom to take a dump (a morning routine), I drank a glass of water and, shortly, started warming up for my workout. Waking up early is also not uncommon for me, but for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to put more effort in waking up early so I can workout and start the day with great energy.

This might also be the first time that I’ve had this much motivation to workout. First, it’s because I’ll be going to the beach for a vacation soon and I was hoping to get a beach body before it completely turns into a dad bod. But I might not be able to reach that goal since my vacation will be in a week from now and I’ve just started this new workout program about a month ago after buying more dumbbell plates, which is the second reason why I’m hyped. Each dumbbell now has 45 pounds of weight. Although I’m currently unable to lift that much, I’m slowly working my way there. Lifting heavier weights makes working out more exciting.

Another additional equipment I bought for (hopefully) achieving this long-term goal that has been long overdue- and the reason why I’m feeling so upbeat today- is a jumping rope. This may sound funny since I’ve been inconsistently working out for a long time but I’ve just recently thought of buying a cheap equipment that would actually be a lot of help in losing fat. The reason is because I’ve discovered the HIIT thing and I thought doing burpees would be a lot better since it requires lesser time, yet very effective in burning fat. The problem is that it takes a lot of strength and endurance to do it every other day, especially after lifting that I get kinda burned out and feel lazy to workout again for a few days. That’s why I never have any progress.

Today, I realized that a jumping rope actually allows me to have a more effective cardio exercise after lifting weights. I got totally soaked in sweat, I could do it longer, and it’s also a fun activity. I loved the challenge of jumping as much as I can and as fast as I can without tripping on the rope. I did it outside the house since there’s not enough space inside. I lost track of my number of jumps, but it should be no less than a thousand since I did it for about an hour with little rests in between. I could’ve done more but it started to drizzle so I decided to end it and get back inside.

It’s probably the jumping activity that made gave me this positive energy after working out. It’s normal to feel upbeat after working out and it’s actually one of the good reasons why people should always find time to do it. Today, I’ve discovered that jumping ropes can double that positive feeling. Burpees is good and involves jumping, too, but that exercise is too difficult that I find it easily detestable, which is the same for many other people. I found out that I’d rather jump rope for an hour than do burpees for five minutes. It gives me the same feeling as when I’m jumping to a happy song during a live band concert. It’s just so positive, fulfilling, and fun.

I don’t think I’d lose the stubborn belly immediately if I jump rope for an hour everyday starting to day to the day of my upcoming vacation, but I’m not really worried about that now since I know that it’s already too late and I still have a long way to go. I’m just happy about the fact that I now have a more organized workout program than I did in the past, and I also found a new tool that will make my home workout more enjoyable. It’s a good motivation to starting my life’s new chapter.

Starting Out: My 3 Very Cheap Jump Ropes

If I tell you why I bought three jump ropes too quick, you might wonder why. I don’t have an exact explanation to that. First of all, I didn’t plan on doing that. I just decided to buy one rope, but after using it for maybe just a couple of weeks, I started to feel uncomfortable with the very first rope I was using (the neon color one) so I thought I might need a different one.

Did it fix the problem? Well, let me explain further by telling about the three very cheap ropes that I bought. Yes, they’re indeed very cheap. If they weren’t, I wouldn’t have three of them that quick.

How are they different from each other?

To start with, these jump ropes only cost around P110-120 (just over $2) each. Told ya, they ARE cheap. You can find them at any sports stores in malls. How are they different from each other? Well, they certainly have different features but I don’t really know much about jump ropes. But I’ll try to describe them as much as I can.

Let’s start with the first one I bought.

There’s what they call a basic jump rope, and then there’s a speed rope. I’m not sure which category this one falls in. I think the label in the box said speed rope. Anyway, this is what I started with and it’s the only jump rope that I adjusted by cutting the rope.

Later on, I learned from a Youtube channel that just putting a knot is actually a better way to do it. And it is. It gives more feedback while spinning the rope. Too late to find that out, though. But it wasn’t cut too short so it’s just fine. Still, it’s one of the reasons why I decided that I need a new rope very soon.

I don’t remember how long (or short) it was when I decided to buy a second rope. But the reason I did was kind of, I don’t know, stupid. I thought the reason why I kept hitting my feet with the first rope was because it became too short after I adjusted it. I’m in the learning process and I admit that I was being kind of reckless and didn’t know what to do at the time.

Also, the reason I bought this rope is because it has a removable weight in the handles. I found out that weighted jump ropes help burn more calories faster. It’s true. I could feel the burn in my arms, shoulders, and back in just a few seconds of jumping.

This rope is just fine. It’s actually similar to the first one- only it had removable weights. And I don’t know if it’s just me, but the rope also feels kinda heavier than the neon rope. It has good feedback even when I removed the weights from the handles.

Then, I bought another one.

Funny thing about this jump rope is that I always find this in stores but I never liked the way it looks. Just looking at the thin handles gives me the impression that it’s low-quality. Well, considering the price, it really isn’t the best quality. That’s why I chose the first two before this.

When I first used it, I quickly realized that this is what I actually feel more comfortable with. Because the handles are thin, I can clasp my hands tighter compared to the other two.

The only problem, though, is that it doesn’t have ball bearings like the one I showed on the second rope. The result? The rope gets thinner as I continue to use it.

Do you see it? Basically, since there’s no ball bearing that spins along with the rope, it gets scratched by the edge of the hole of the handle, making it thinner. That means I’d have to get ready to buy a new one again once this snaps. Or maybe I don’t.

I still use the other two. I actually use all of them alternatively. Whenever I get pissed off because the rope keeps hitting my feet, I’d switch to the other.

What’s the next plan?

Well, I’ll just keep jumping everyday. What else is there to it?

Of course, there’s a lot more to it. I think I might consider buying a more expensive and higher-quality jump rope because I feel that these low-quality ropes are affecting my training. But that’s not happening anytime soon ’cause I’m broke (no kidding). I’ll stick with what I have for now and keep improving my skills.

I’ve only started jumping rope for about three months now and I still feel like a beginner. Well, I mean, I still am, but progress is really difficult to achieve and it’s really frustrating when the rope just keeps hitting my feet and I keep stopping. But you know what I realized? Of all the cardio exercises I’ve tried, jumping rope is the only thing that I enjoyed challenging myself to do and I can definitely see myself doing this more consistently for a long time.

Next time, I’ll share with you the ‘little’ progress that I’ve made so far.